Thursday, September 15, 2016

Robin Hood Song

I had that,
that something that felt so good
when I was a young man,
a charming Robin Hood.

When the stars were reposed in my eyes
and the fate was meek and servile.
whatever I did, I ended up on the dias,
still, no one called the game biased

When I had faith in lordy lord
and laid justice with my mighty sword,
robbed rich and gave to the poor,
of my means, I was so sure

and then you happened across,
asked questions, questions galore,
and left me thinking-"was that right"?
was it worthwhile for what I fought?

and you smirk as I nod my head in awe
made me tensile, so meek, so withdrawn
you played your little game and oh you won
You took my belief that I was "The chosen one"

You undefined the realms of my reign
all left of me, was all that I feign
I am hollow now, lying prostrate on rood.
the bleary eyed, once-upon-a-time Robin hood.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Bleeding from a penknife!!

Stark words,
We were hurt
bleeding our senses
we're cut, we're cut

You had it bad
a bruised trust
broken heart
detriment into rust.

You looked with apathy
to my brown eyes
You found me bandaged 
with my own bleeding lies

you were hurt
but so was I
You wept aloud
mine was silent cry.

we could have told 
each other to hold

but in a hurry we left

stark truth,
we all find hard
to deal with
our own hand of cards.

We blame, 
"others all lame", we cry
It was all their's fault, we sigh.
that we were roughed
never got a chance to shine

whine, whine whine, whine
whine, whine, whine, whine

But now I know
I am awake
you are dead sleep still
over my back

Our hands are tied.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I felt.
I walked
to door.
I opened.
I froze.
The smile
gently rose.
and stuck on my lips.
"may you smile back!"
that's it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Actors parody

And he is trusted to walk the rope
keep up the hope

as they watch the game
gamble on his fate

as they drink their champagne
he is trusted

He, overcoming pain
limping, jump forward
snatch, scream

win to show them that he can.

and hope that they may look
clap, praise
for a minute's applause
we all perform on stage.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I feel cold,
I see you walk on toe-tip,
faint whispers from frail lips.
and I see the way you hide,
dissolving somewhere inside.

I see you in blur
fusing with others.
pushed by the chaos
to a deeper, darker side .

and you sway
you smile, deride.
I am in misery,
I am lost in a tide.

and you are flowing
in the circles of white
locking my sight,
with your maudlin eyes.

thoughtless, I hope to move
but my ankles are tied.
You are blooming in full glow
as I chafe, stuck in ides.

I am so afraid
I am so concerned about myself
that I may lose, that I may need help.
that you may no longer be there
tired of the wait
tired of me being so late.
tired, just tired.
and then you will walk away.

and you did walk away.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Deleting Browsing history

I looked into your pale eyes
and your rusted words.
I remembered, relived
the juvenile anxiety,
felt the lost ecstasy, the pain,
the loss.

And this time,
I laughed
at my mistakes.
there were no fine strokes,
only faint, broad pictures,
living in the corner of my memory.

And I know I misunderstood
so much so many times,
I mistook so many signals.
I lost so many battles.
but still I don't feel wounded.
I am not hurt.
And that is my Win.

I got up and lit up a fire.
and gently put, whats left,
over this gentle pyre.

So Long!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spring and after effects.

Well I,
twitched and twirled
whirled and swirled
had a laugh
had some fun.

For once I,
didn't thought
what is what
drink or drought
stopped to learn

And I freed myself
from all the worries
all mordant thoughts
all the sob stories

and then,
I pulled myself out of harm
and then,
I scurried to your arms.